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New to Panda Dome Advanced_Need help understanding alerts etc

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New to Panda Dome Advanced_Need help understanding alerts etc

Postby Bjourne » Fri, 04 May 2018, 19:56


I am new to Panda Dome Advanced 18.05.00. This may sound very very newbie but I really need some help so please pardon for the newbie questions. I am more adapt with Emsisoft but since I have a license I chose to see and check it out.

I need to understand what is the pop-up and why does Panda Dome blocks my connection to a site which uses a VPN. This is alerts of what? Firewall or Safe Browsing?



In "Firewall > Enable rules recommended by our lab", it is sometimes blank. See
before.png. I did a repair install and it now has data in it.



Is this the one that's causing the pop-ups and alerts for popups.png...?

It is also seen in the My Alerts. I need to use a browser VPN extension and I cannot connect to any when Panda Dome blocks it. How can I set it so PDA will not block that?


If I need to block applications inside a folder, say, 5 .exe files in a folder via the firewall from having outgoing connection, how can I make a rule for it?

Can it be

Name: all programs -- "C:\Program Files\EaseUS\*"
Deny outbound connections
Zones (check all)
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Local ports: All
Remote ports: All
Addresses: All


Please help. This may sound irregular to you gurus (may sound) but I am new to Panda so please bear with me as I try to understand Panda Dome Advanced 18.05.00

Also, can my old unused Panda Internet Security 2017 license be ued with PDA after this license expires?

Thanks for your patience and thanks in advance for hearing me out :)

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Re: New to Panda Dome Advanced_Need help understanding alerts etc

Postby Darth Panda » Mon, 07 May 2018, 09:42

Hi Bjourne,

The locks that are occurring are doing by the "Parental Control" protection.

Specifically because it's blocking the category "Anonymizers".

To stop blocking them you have to uncheck this category or include the affected domain in whitelist.

On the other hand, we recommend you to blocking applications that you comment with the "Application Control" protection.

You must block each EXE independently.

Finally, yes, you can use your Panda Internet Security's activation code for Panda Dome.

We hope we helped you.

Technical support – Panda Security

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