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Transmission fauilure on Google

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Transmission fauilure on Google

Postby David Gilbert » Mon, 03 Sep 2018, 11:15

My browser/server (Google) although working in all other respects, fails to connect me on line with Barclays Online and only gets the message "Bad Request. Your server has asked a question this server does not understand". Barclays tell me this is a fault with my Google. Can you help?
David R Gilbert

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Re: Transmission fauilure on Google

Postby Darth Panda » Mon, 03 Sep 2018, 11:35

Hi David Gilbert,

In order to know if the problem is related with some malware, run a scan with the antivirus installed. If there is no malware in the system I recommend you to contact with Google.
Technical support – Panda Security

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