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How to uninstall Panda products

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How to uninstall Panda products

Postby VirusBuster » Thu, 14 Aug 2014, 10:35


  • The automatic uninstallation from the Windows control panel has not been completed correctly.
  • The services of my product have expired, I do not wish to renew and I want to stop getting the popups reminding me to renew my Panda product.


Uninstall your Panda product from the Windows Control Panel.

Only if this process is not completed correctly, it is advisable to completely remove files and registry entries of your antivirus. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and run the Panda Generic Uninstaller file to the Windows Desktop, for example.
  2. Click Yes when a window showing the following message is displayed.
  3. The following message will be displayed, but even if the window is not displayed, reboot your computer once the uninstallation process is completed.

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