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Postby rmarshall » Tue, 15 Aug 2017, 18:04

I recently installed Panda Free AV and have version 18.03.00. I keep getting error messages from PSExpCampaign.exe. I looked at other posts in this forum and see a recommendation to download a new installation file at:

That file is ver
Am i really supposed to install that?
Or else what is the solution to the PSExpCampaign.exe problem?

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Re: PSExpCampaign.exe

Postby hake » Thu, 07 Sep 2017, 22:39

In Windows XP, Panda runs three services. Only two of those are necessary for Panda's security function capability. Disable the 'Panda Devices Agent' and PSExpCampaign.exe will not be started.

I am assuming that you are running Windows XP because the reason for the problem is the lack of support for SSE2 instructions on older processors. I would expect that Windows versions later than XP will be running on later processors which support SSE2 instructions.
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