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Your PC is Not Protected

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Re: Your PC is Not Protected

Postby Moby Duck » Sat, 05 May 2018, 02:54

Thanks Darth Panda updating seems to have sorted it out for me. It took me more than 2 hours just to find a Dome Free link that was up to date, and one that didn't take me directly to a paid option, more than 10 minutes just to completely uninstall Panda Dome for the 4th/5th time, then another half hour or so to download and install the new one which is still called Ver.18.05. If you correct faulty software shouldn't the version number change also? Seems to be working now and I am much happier. I think that deliberately making the Panda Free buttons and links hard to find and the false tracks to a paid version are a crock. Make it easy, and prove the programme is good, and I am more likely to buy the paid version.
A direct link to the update would have been handy with your answer.

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Re: Your PC is Not Protected

Postby Aldridge » Sat, 05 May 2018, 09:22

updating AV to protect PC is essential.

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Re: Your PC is Not Protected

Postby mscharisma » Sun, 20 May 2018, 12:27

Same problem on three (!) different devices running Windows 7, also after upgrading to Dome.

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Re: Your PC is Not Protected

Postby DWarner » Mon, 21 May 2018, 13:30

Darth Panda wrote:Try latest version:

if that does not work, try sending the psinfo for the machine:

Panda Support Information tool

From a computer with Internet connection, download and save the Panda Support Information tool in your computer.

Accept the license agreement.

Now, access the General tab, fill in your customer and product details and describe your issue.
Tick the Do not send, save local option (psinfo1.png).
Click Start for the hardware and software collection process to begin.
Once completed, send us the resulting file, in .7z format
Attach to an email all files requested and send them to us to complete the study of the incident and solve it.

Thank you for providing the complete guidance. Really worked for me. Many thanks.

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Re: Your PC is Not Protected

Postby Darth Panda » Mon, 11 Jun 2018, 13:02

Technical support – Panda Security


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