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False positives not being returned to their folder

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False positives not being returned to their folder

Postby pompasmurf » Thu, 14 Jun 2018, 14:55

Panda just flagged "WWServer.exe" - the program for running a server for the Steam video game Windward.

Your interface needs work.

1) I try to launch Windward server. Have launched it zillions of times before, but newly upgraded to Panda Dome from previous Panda Free. I get a pop-up in the lower corner of my screen saying the file has been "neutralized" - well I DON'T WANT it neutralized, I'm TRYING TO LAUNCH it, so I do the obvious thing.... click on the pop-up! Nothing happens. Alert eventually goes away. Those alerts should be CLICKABLE and take me to a screen where I can DECIDE whether to keep the file blocked or not.

2) So I open Panda proper. Says 0 threats blocked, so now I have to go digging through the interface to find where the files are actually quarantined.

3) Finally find it (should be easier to find!), and restore the file. I go to launch the server again... file cannot be found?!? Panda NEVER RETURNED the file to the folder it came from! What LAZY programming!!! Had to SEARCH GOOGLE to figure out the file was still stuck in C:\Program Files (x86)\Panda Security\Panda Security Protection\LostandFound - and I had to manually cut/paste it back into the Steam folder it came from (Steam\steamapps\common\Windward)

I'm pretty ticked off with this experience. If this happens again, I'm using a competitor going forward.

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Re: False positives not being returned to their folder

Postby Darth Panda » Fri, 15 Jun 2018, 17:24

Well if you are using a paying version, why are you posting on a the free panda forum?
If you are a paying customer, why did you not contacted panda to check for the issue?
If the folder where the file is picked from does not exist anymore, panda will restore files to Lostand Found folder.
If the file is an unknown file for us, them it will problably be sent again to quarantine.
Why don´t you try to exclude the folders you do not want to be anlyse at all (under your own risk of course)?
When panda sends a file to quarentine or stops its execution is because we do not know the file, or we are not sure of it. Send us the file and we will analyse it and put it on a white list.
but take into account that a freshly created file, is always an unknown file, as it never have existed on the internet in the past., And even if it is called the same, it will not be the same, on date, paremeters, creation config.... etc.
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