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wmiprvse.exe high disk usage

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wmiprvse.exe high disk usage

Postby ianpgerman » Wed, 11 Jul 2018, 16:41

Since installing Panda free antivirus, my external HDD has constantly been on 97-100% disk activity.

Now, this isn't really a call for help, as I already know what caused the issue.

I managed to track down the culprit using the Event Viewer in windows 10 and looking for the errors and the process IDs led me to service tied to Panda Dome Antivirus. I also searched in the archive for people with similar issues, and found posts with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM going as far back as 3 years ago. This problem has obviously not been looked at or fixed all.

Hopefully after this the devs actually start looking into this problem, many friends of mine recommended panda as a free antivirus but it is just completely unusable until this problem is fixed

I already uninstalled Panda and after a restart my external hard drive came back to normal.

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Re: wmiprvse.exe high disk usage

Postby Darth Panda » Mon, 16 Jul 2018, 11:08

I am sorry, but the file you are naming to be the culprit, belongs to teh operating system, not to us: ... -much-cpu/

If our files and consuming too many resources, please tell us which processes are the ones consuming resources. But our files, please, not the OS files.


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