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It's been a month since last conncetion with the cloud

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It's been a month since last conncetion with the cloud

Postby donQui » Tue, 17 Jul 2018, 16:27


I'm using Panda Protection v. 18.03.00 and recently I've noticed that it hasn't been connecting with the cloud for signature updates. There are no logs of such event since June 2018. I also checked manually for updates in Panda settings but it didn't connect for updates either.

Other than that everything seems to work fine. The real-time scan and scan on demand are working. It's the reason I've noticed the lack of updates after some time.

I searched the forum and it appears that this problem happened few times but I didn't find any solution other than reinstallation of the program. Is there any way to avoid such case? I know that there is a new version of Panda Free AV but I want to stick with my version. How can I repair Panda Protection v. 18.03.00 without uninstallation of the program?

Thank you in advance,

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