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Panda Dome wont allow Dropbox folder to update

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Panda Dome wont allow Dropbox folder to update

Postby piginabush » Mon, 06 Aug 2018, 17:27

Hi All,

I never had an issue with my old Panda Antivirus but it's just updated to Panda Dome and now I have an issue!

I have an issue, my dropbox folder used to automatically update, I ran Panda as the antivirus and windows virus protection was turned off and everything was fine.

Now my dropbox folder has stopped updating automatically on my windows laptop, I've checked the windows defender and allowed access to both dropbox and the exe file but its still not updating.

Is there somewhere in Panda Dome that I can tell it to allow Dropbox access? if not, I'm going to have to find another protection as its an essential part of my business.


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Re: Panda Dome wont allow Dropbox folder to update

Postby as123 » Mon, 06 Aug 2018, 18:02

Can you provide a detailed screenshot?

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