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PSANHost.exe High CPU NNSNAHSL.SYS Memory Leak

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PSANHost.exe High CPU NNSNAHSL.SYS Memory Leak

Postby manojk » Tue, 21 Aug 2018, 21:50


After panda dome updated to version 18.06.00, there has been PSANHost.exe taking up constant and high CPU usage, even though panda antivirus was disabled. And also, NNSNAHSL.SYS was causing memory leak (just like forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6824) in windows 7 x64 ultimate as well as Windows 10 x64 pro, due to conflict with existing winpcap or win10pcap driver. It was also causing BSOD for nldrv.sys (which belongs to Netlimiter) on another system. The only solution is to uninstall. Have to admit after so many years of using panda it's a bit weird but somehow a lot faster after uninstall.

Before u guys start off, i have been an unofficial advertiser to all my friends and others, since Panda cloud antivirus version was 1.3.0.

Please test under stricter circumstances before releasing and hope that there will be a new version which resolves this issue ASAP.

Dr. Manoj K

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