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AV console stopped working

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AV console stopped working

Postby Gazzak » Mon, 03 Sep 2018, 06:52


installed Panda yesterday but as soon as I click on the icon, or attempt to open it with any method I get a popup window saying 'AV console has stopped working' and then it is trying to find a solution with no result. The OS is windows Vista with sp1.
When I place my cursor over the Panda icon in the tray it tells me Panda Dome computer protected. When I open task manager I see that it is listed. Seeing that, I just checked a couple of web pages to then have the same window popup repeatedly.
Today I rebooted and found the same scenario, uninstalled Panda and reinstalled. Still the same. I do note that the popups haven't happened during setup of registration for this forum nor the typing of this.
I found another forum member (labdaddy) posted about the same issue on the 20/08 and it was referred to the techs and the thread was locked. Is there some way I can find an answer?

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