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All scans stuck at 1%

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All scans stuck at 1%

Postby 31limre » Mon, 07 Aug 2017, 19:14

I have recently purchased panda internet security (17.0.1. version) and it worked fine for a couple of months, but then suddenly when i tried to scan files or the whole computer, every single scan stopped at 1% completion. I've tried waiting hours and it never moves past 1%, eventually I always have to close it. This occurs during every type of scan there is. Then I read somewhere that a some had similar issues and a reinstallation solved it, so I tried to do that, but even the uninstallation gets stuck the same way. So panda does not work and I cant even remove it. Consequences include my whole computer getting much much slower than usual, due to, I presume, viruses. Please help.

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Re: All scans stuck at 1%

Postby Darth Panda » Mon, 30 Oct 2017, 14:27

please uninstall the product using the uninstaller:

Follow the instructions on the following webpage: ... &ref=reply

then reinstall the product
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