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For gaming booster

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For gaming booster

Postby firosiro » Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 04:54

There is a security issue when using the software 'GPU Tweak II' bundled with ASUS GTX750TI graphic cards.
The option 'Gaming Booster' kills the Panda Free Antivurs Service and the system is no longer protected.
This can easily also be done with any kind of malicious software so Panda Free Antivirus is not protecting
anything including itself very well. Please fix this serious security issue.

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Re: For gaming booster

Postby dixita » Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 06:51


did you used this? Is it really nice??
Thanx for information

Dixita Patel

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Re: For gaming booster

Postby PandDan » Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 14:11

Are you talking about one game or every game you play? I played few games and never Panda was killed by game.

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Re: For gaming booster

Postby Darth Panda » Mon, 06 Nov 2017, 13:11

Dear client

Did you try activating the multimedia/gaming mode?

Right-click on the panda icon and choose the available option.

Technical support – Panda Security

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