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Global Protection 2016 - GUI - Horrible!!

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Global Protection 2016 - GUI - Horrible!!

Postby TechnicalMarvel » Wed, 13 Jul 2016, 20:29

Just loaded up GP2016 for the firs time. the GUI is horrible! grey and white and very Windows 8 esque!! Windows 8, as we all know was a flop, please redesign the interface with a more modern colourful look. what happened to the nice bright colourful interface! Its awful. Does GP2016 have anti ransomware protection? I see no mention of it in the program.

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Re: Global Protection 2016 - GUI - Horrible!!

Postby Ber » Tue, 09 Aug 2016, 22:57

TechnicalMarvel wrote:Windows 8, as we all know was a flop

It is mostly uninformed people that consider Windows 8 a flop. It had a few rough edges at launch and people got terribly upset about the new GUI, but when you look at the underlying OS and technology, especially after the 8.1 update, it is a very good OS. Some even consider it superior to Windows 10, as the latter removes a lot of control the user has over updates, installed applications and data that gets sent back to Microsoft. If you care about control, security and privacy, Windows 8.1 is superior to Windows 10.

I do not mind the new Panda look either. The old interface looked a bit dated and it is nice to have something that blends in with a modern OS.

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Re: Global Protection 2016 - GUI - Horrible!!

Postby mrmicawber » Tue, 18 Oct 2016, 12:08

I'm using Panda Global Protection 2016 and have recently upgraded to Windows 10. The start screen shows the status of the last scan. I think it would be useful if it also showed when the last update was made. At present, I have to go through settings and scroll down. Also every time I do check I find that the last automatic update was made only minutes beforehand. Is this a coincidence or are automatic updates made every few minutes?

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