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Suggestions to firewall

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Suggestions to firewall

Postby taloncriterium » Fri, 19 Aug 2016, 22:30

Recently purchased Panda for personal and had been a user in the past where Panda was the first to be able to recognize and disinfect procedure instead of just delete.

The new 2016 Panda is quite superior as knew. Been using Norton which I felt was top 2 along with Panda.

Panda's system is great with a top notch scanning engine like Norton but can use a firewall history full report on outbound, inbound, and block report. It is a good check benefit.

Outbound accountability is quite important for hack and next unauthorized inbound. A little look see on what.

Focus on inbound signatures on internet caching like temp folders, app data folders, etc. is another suggestion where a lot of PC problems can arise and cleaning may miss. Another aspect duty of security suite is maintenance of PC function instead of just infections plus hide as an outbound regular element.

Similar advance manual setup like Windows firewall would be a benefit but with a factory preset default reset.

Aside from suggestion for Panda is minimal. It works well with Windows 10 and more than likely 8.1. The main reason for switching to Panda from Norton is due to the fact that Norton has some priority problems on the graphics driver display mapping problem though still works and only very few sometimes. New Windows caching structure looks like.

Panda seems to work compact and is very reliable. Tablet seems to run slight faster. Very powerful security suite and rate better than Norton - though still tops.

Add on an in dept deep cleaner and hard to make registry cleaner and optimizer is suggested.

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Re: Suggestions to firewall

Postby JordanMihailov » Thu, 22 Dec 2016, 10:36

COMODO Firewall or Privatefirewall for extra security mechanisms instead of a simple network firewall (i.e. HIPS, behavior blocking module in both applications - COMODO Firewall, specifically, also has a virtualization/restriction sandbox).

If you want a simple network firewall, I recommend BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control or Glasswire.

All the above software are free. The last one (Glasswire) also has a paid version, with a few extra features. (between BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control and Glasswire, I'd choose BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control)

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Re: Suggestions to firewall

Postby IamAdirtySecret » Sun, 25 Dec 2016, 16:38

I have recently been receiving a series of UDP floods from a spoofed MAC address. I then went to see if I could block traffic from known addresses used to spoof MAC's and IP addresses with and found no option to do so. In future products can you please include a way for us to block MAC addresses and IP addresses including full network addresses? This will not only make it easier for us to tighten down our systems from known spoofs such as 00:00:00:00:00:00 and 10.0.0.x but we can also block IP's for known sites that we don't want accessed in our houses...such as the type of site a teenager might try to access (or myself when my wife isn't feeling to generous with her plumbing equipment).
I think having this much control over my inbound and outbound traffic would help me and all other users sleep a lot sounder knowing that we can keep all known threats from suspicious hosts out of our lives.

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