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Re: Many issues this morning... please help

Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2015, 12:11
by PandaSupport1
Nobody666 wrote:Hi,
the acutally fix does not works on my Systems (Win7 64). The quarantine Folder has still files from 11.03.
If I use the PS_recovery tool, the quarantine Folder gone empty.
Any suggests?
Best regards,

For the files located in the quarantine folder you must use the quarantinefix tool: ... ?id=100045

Anyway, the files will not be moved from the quarantine, they will be restored, so it's normal that you still find files in the quarantine folder.

Re: Many issues this morning... please help

Posted: Wed, 18 Mar 2015, 00:03
by CJ166
Hello, I will comment my case, I hope someone does work, and not too late.

Much fuss, for a simple solution ... then the problem on 3/11/15, the most logical and simple was, restore quarantined files detected from the AV own.

In the image PCOP + console can observe, quarantine tab, .dll files that were detected, the date of 11.03.2015 and the amount of excluded files. All I had to do was restore those files from the console, in my case it worked perfectly, the files were restored on 12/03/2015, whether prevents 96% of the PCs that I have in my charge had no damage, another 4% were made with F8, Repair your computer, system Restore.

So fix the problem and I have not needed to use the official tools to the problem of 11/03.