Restart Required Shown on Panda Client

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Restart Required Shown on Panda Client

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We have file servers that have panda endpoint protection installed on, the agent shows a small exclamation mark on it, so I opened up the program on the server, It says that a restart is required to complete malware removal process. Does this mean that Until restart the server is in a vulnerable position? Why does the web console not show any of these details? I checked the web console and it does not alert me that a restart is required.
Capture 1.PNG
Caputre from Agent on File Server
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Capture 2.PNG
Capture from Web Console
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Also what is the difference between Neutralized and Deleted in the Status field of the Event Report

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Re: Restart Required Shown on Panda Client

Post by PANDACYPRUS » Sun, 02 Oct 2016, 20:44


the server remains protected.

Currently this type of alert, that a restart is required in order to remove a malware, is not available into the web console. It's
reported on the local Event Report console of the endpoint and it's showing a yellow exclamationmark on the Agent Icon on the taskbar.

We will pass this suggestion to the Product Manager.

Neutralized it means that the file was moved to the Quarantine. The Quarantine is manageable via the Web console. In case of a FalsePositive detection you have the ability to restore back the file.

When it's reporting Deleted it mean that files has been deleted/removed from the system.

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