Panda Dome for MAC

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Panda Dome for MAC

Post by Babalou5197 » Fri, 12 Apr 2019, 22:12

I purchased a 3 year support agreement in September 2018 for Panda Dome Complete for my MAC. I have been a Panda customer since 2004, but after switching to MAC in 2015, I became quickly disappointed with the security tools and level of support afforded from Dome and previous Panda products for MAC and iOS platforms. I was a loyal, but cautious returning customer in September, and although desired to purchase Panda Dome Premium, I purchased Panda Dome Complete, because I wanted to see what "new" security functionality was provided and to see how this product performed. After 7 months I am considering terminating my remaining subscription through 8/2021; unless I can get some assistance and honest answers to my questions. These are specific to what does Panda Dome offer MAC and iOS devices:
1. Protection against ransomware. Currently only have Blacklist (AV) capability which does not include your marketing claims identified in items 2-6.... Perhaps I was sent the wrong download (Panda send me MS-DOS Win2000 #110085624 to download with a license key). But the functionality I have is consistent with what you support with MAC AV for $4.99 a month (with VPN connectivity) instead of the $113.60 I paid in Sept.
2. How does Panda Dome protect my Wi-Fi and how does the program secure and monitor my Wi-Fi connection when there are no settings or options to invoke on the MAC solution?
3. How do I access the Parental controls, App lock and Call Blocker?
4. How do I access the Data Protection tools or a Password Manager on a MAC with Panda Dome Complete?
5. Where are the tools which permit determining Device location, Storage Optimization and Remote Control?
6. VPN: This was the reason I purchased Dome. I was supposed to get 150M of VPN daily. but the VPN download is an .exe....which sadly is only good for Windows platforms. Does Panda VPN support MAC and iOS devices? If so how do I enable this connectivity since you web site only has .exe download?

Darth Panda
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Re: Panda Dome for MAC

Post by Darth Panda » Mon, 29 Apr 2019, 16:34

Panda dome complete is not a product for MAC.

Here you can read all about panda Dome for Mac: ... s-for-mac/

this are the features we do offer for you macOS computer.

Hole it solves all your doubts.

Technical support – Panda Security

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