48 Offer... on UK web site

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Re: 48 Offer... on UK web site

Post by Darth Panda » Fri, 15 Jun 2018, 17:56

It is not as easy as you think
yes you log in to MyAccount with a login email, , but that is not the same as the panda account. Well.
A MyAccount. pandasecurity.com can be oppened with an email not on our database. an that is why the Myaccount could be linked and attached to several accounts on panda.
MyAccount.pandasecurity.com is a client space. not for us, but for you guys.
I just didi send you your account ID and your password and username for panda database, not for Myaccount.
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Re: 48 Offer... on UK web site

Post by Mantari » Fri, 15 Jun 2018, 18:02

Send PM
so add the Customer ID to myaccount.pandasecurity.com under the section Account Details on the left

If you say its for clients, then have it show the customer ID too


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