[SOLVED]Client management

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[SOLVED]Client management

Post by charliecharlie24 » Tue, 04 Feb 2014, 14:42

Hi there, we currently have two clients listed in our Panda Cloud Partner Center. We have set up to receive Scheduled Reports via Email which works fine.

But is there a way to get an overview of all clients listed in the web browser? We know we can click on each individual client then go to Reports to get graphs etc but would like to be able to do this for all clients rather than having to go in to each one individually.

Would it be best to create an umbrella client to sit at the top, then break down in to groups the individual clients?

Many thanks,

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Re: Client management

Post by JAMPanda » Thu, 27 Feb 2014, 00:07

Hi Charlie,

The Partner Center has configurable, scheduled reports that you can run on all of your clients at once. You do not have to go into each individual console and schedule reports on a per client basis.

Simply login to your Partner Center, and click on the "Reports" menu at the top. Then click on the link "Schedule sending of reports." From here you can choose the schedule by which you want to receive the reports, customize the email addresses and message body, and choose the type of report. For the Executive & Detailed Computer Information reports, you have the option to choose all client groups which would encompass all of your clients. For a Status or Detection report, you must choose a specific group.

I hope this helps Charlie.


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