[SOLVED] False positive?

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[SOLVED] False positive?

Post by epic_win » Sun, 03 Apr 2016, 06:56

So I did an Ad-Aware scan and this came up:

C:\ProgramData\Panda Security\Panda Devices Agent\Downloads\6789d305189b01f4a3da3b9a4fe6db2b\6789d305189b01f4a3da3b9a4fe6db2b.exe

The program had it auto-quarantined for me, though I get the feeling this is just a false positive. Is anyone able to verify this is the case?

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Re: False positive?

Post by VirusBuster » Mon, 04 Apr 2016, 10:10

I can confirm its a false positive from the other software, you should report to them

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