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Use these tools to report your incidents to the Panda experts, so that they can study your case and provide you with a solution.
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Panda PSInfo

Post by EagleEye » Mon, 02 Apr 2012, 16:30

Panda Security has developed PSInfo tool in order to collect hardware and software data from your computer for issue resolution purposes. Run this tool whenever you need to report an incident to our technicians. By doing so, you will provide them with the main information to help them resolve your query.

Steps to follow
  1. Download the PSInfo2_v2
  2. Double-click PSInfo2_V2.exe file so that the information can be gathered.
    Fill-in the requested fields. In the client number filed and incident number, enter 123456789 for the data collection process to continue.
  3. As soon as the module begins collecting data, the wizard will offer the possibility to send the resulting file .psz via email or to save the file to disk.
    Select option Save the file to disk in order to attach it to the corresponding thread later on.
NOTE: The format of the .psz file is YearMonthDayHourMinutes-Clientnumber-Incidentnumber.psz
NOTE 2: You will need to compress the resultingYearMonthDayHourMinutes-Clientnumber-Incidentnumber.psz into a zip file as the .psz extension is not allowed.
NOTE 3: If the log is too big to be attached to the forum, please use our FTP Uploader tool to upload it to our FTP and post a reply to your thread when it is uploaded so that we acknowledge that we have data to download from the FTP
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