[CLOSED]PCSM and UltraVNC Viewer

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[CLOSED]PCSM and UltraVNC Viewer

Post by evertjr » Fri, 26 Jul 2013, 17:26

The company that I work acquired licenses of the Panda Cloud Management System and we are currently performing some tests before implementation.

UltraVNC Viewer is installed in our stations, and it have a password applied for the remote control access. At the same time, the PCSM has its own VNC module and in our testing seems to be some incompatibility if both remain installed because the following error appears when requesting access via VNC on PCSM:

"Could not connect to the remote device. Please ensure you are using the correct VNC password and that the VNC Service is started on the remote device"

According to the documentation in the help center, additional services may cause conflicts with VNC password, but we could not find a way to define and standardize a password for VNC access mode of PCSM. Right clicking mouse button on the icon of the agent in the notification area of windows, we come to some settings, there is a field for setting VNC password, but we did not find on the documentation a clear explanation about this password and how it works with PCSM web portal (so we can mass apply it)

We are willing to remove UltraVNC if necessary, but we need a clear explanation of how PCSM's VNC access works with that password.

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Re: PCSM and UltraVNC Viewer

Post by Bones » Mon, 29 Jul 2013, 11:12


The password used within CSM is defined as part of the agent install. Even though you could set a new password, this does have an effect on how you might use the remote support function and is best left alone.

The way connections are established to machines remotely is all done via the CSM agent and the CSM platform which is communicated over port 443 to ensure security. Your not able to use a VNC viewer for example from any device on the local LAN onto an IP as the connection will not be able to be established, even if you have set the password on the local device.

You may also be interested to know there is a component in the COMSTORE that allows you to remove existing VNC instance and correctly register the one within the agent, saves having to address it on each machine locally.


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