[CLOSED]Hardware not recognized

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[CLOSED]Hardware not recognized

Post by BennyT » Fri, 21 Mar 2014, 11:59

After deployed the the PCSM agent on Windows 2008R2 server, everything is visible except hardware. Whats up? Were do I start to troubleshoot?

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Re: Hardware not recognized

Post by JAMPanda » Mon, 24 Mar 2014, 15:54

Hello BennyT,

When you say "hardware" are you referring to the Hardware section within the audit information? Can you confirm what it is you're looking at that's missing? Most likely it may be due to the initial audit process if it's simply not showing a hardware profile of the device you've installed it on. The initial audit takes a few minutes after the initial install so if you jumped on the console too quickly it may not be reporting immediately. Once you pull up a device summary for the unit it should show after a little while and if not, see if you have a last audited date listed. If not, the initial audit may have been interrupted. In cases like this, you can request another audit manually by using the actions toolbar at the top and selecting the icon that looks like a small set of binoculars. This should request an audit from the agent and as soon as it's completed the results will be sent back to the console.

If you find you're missing information after re-initiating the audits, you may want to try a quick uninstall/reinstall as there may have been some issues with the initial installation preventing the audits from running correctly.

I hope this helps.


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