Blocking Cloudstorage (Dropbox,Google Drive etc.)

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Blocking Cloudstorage (Dropbox,Google Drive etc.)

Post by razzaguhl » Fri, 15 Apr 2016, 13:16


I have an Panda Gatedefender Performa e9100lite and need to block all common cloudstorage services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Is there a predefinied Webfilter (Proxy) to do this or how can this be easly done, without blacklisting each of them?

Thank you

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Re: Blocking Cloudstorage (Dropbox,Google Drive etc.)

Post by GDsupporter » Fri, 15 Apr 2016, 14:00

Dear Razzaguhl,

In order to block dropbox you can create a firewall rule using the application firewall so you can block the sync action.

Othe course of action you can use is to create a Proxy HTTP --> Acess Policy blocking the access to the sites.

Bear in mind that almost all these sites use HTTPS to connect to the services so You will need to activate the Proxy HTTPS to block them and install the certificate in all the machines.

Best Regards


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