[CLOSED] best mobile security?

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[CLOSED] best mobile security?

Post by simondel » Fri, 25 Nov 2016, 03:34

I have lost three smartphone because of lacking attention, therefore, I want to ask you about best app which will be powerful weapon for me to find lost phone. I searched and read a lot of recommendation from my friends but I haven't felt satisfied. Besides these apps like: Cm security, Mobile Security and Antivirus, Kasperky antivirus, mobile security. Can you give me some recommendation?
thanks for any comment.
p/s: I don't deny the quality of Panda Security but I want to experience more if possible.
If I download apk file for pc, does this app can run?

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Re: best mobile security?

Post by VirusBuster » Wed, 30 Nov 2016, 12:34

Panda Mobile Security gives you the feature to locate your device or block it with the Antitheft protection from your Panda Account (paid feature)
simondel wrote:If I download apk file for pc, does this app can run?
I don't know what you mean, apk files (Android) can't be run into Windows OS

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