"Update complete" keeps popping up.

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"Update complete" keeps popping up.

Post by lied69 » Mon, 30 Mar 2015, 17:09

Dear Panda support,

since the installation of Panda Free Antivirus got updated earlier today, I keep getting a
popup every ten-fifteen minutes or so, informing me that:

"Update complete"

"Panda Free Antivirus has updated automatically!"

with a button that invites me to check the new version. This is quickly getting annoying.
What do I do to get rid of this message?


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Re: "Update complete" keeps popping up.

Post by Mehrdad » Wed, 01 Apr 2015, 15:19

Hi there,
Please follow below instructions:
-Full update you operating system
-remove unnecessary application that you recently installed specially (add on, and extension of browsers)
-Disable all start up items (Start>run>msconfig>startup)
-Full scan your system with Panda Cloud Cleaner

If problem remain:
-Reinstall latest version of Panda Cloud

If problem still remain:
We need to study logs

TechSupport Department - Panda Security

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