How to report malware issues

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How to report malware issues

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If you have a virus or malware issue, this is the place to post about it. A Moderator will help you disinfecting your machine. But we need you to post some basic information about the problem
  • Description of the problem you are experiencing
  • What other security software do you have installed (firewall, hips, anti-spyware...)?
  • If you have other antivirus, post as well a copy of its detections report
  • What steps did you follow before posting here?
  • How long have you been experiencing this issue?
Panda doesn't detect virus/malware
Please send a password compressed copy of the file to

Panda doesn't detect a malicious site or URL
In this case send an email to including the URL in the email body. It will be automatically (after being analyzed) to the Web filtering.

Send of huge malware quantities to Panda
Send an email to to send malware collections or multiple virus samples you want our Collective Intelligence automatically process.

You will receive an automatic response to acknowlege that it was received but don't expect a response from these email addresses regarding the resolution. The samples will be eventually processed.

Note: Always use panda as the password to compress the files.

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TechSupport Department - Panda Security

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