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Error During Analysis for Trusted Boot Scan

Posted: Sun, 18 Jun 2017, 11:46
by kerosene
I have reason to believe that my Win10 Dell Inspiron 7000 might be infected given several recurring symptoms. I am running McAfee LiveSafe with firewall and virus/spyware protection (came with the PC), and Windows auto-updates pretty much everything. I do not use Adobe Flash, Java or Adobe Reader (PDFs are portrayed by either Edge or Chrome). None of my McAfee scans over the past 18 months have shown malware, and my recent run of Panda Cloud Cleaner only cleaned up temp files (although it did flag unusual profiles for browsers, which it did not automatically attempt to remediate and I could not tell if they are an issue or not).

Symptoms include infrequent (maybe once a day) cursor jumping between apps as well as within an app; a Win10 boot issue that was auto-reported to Microsoft on restart and seemed to resolve itself, but this was concerning given that I had inadvertently accessed a potential "unsafe" site flagged by McAfee since the prior boot. The next day I was informed of "unusual" access activity to a site that I had just registered with, and then noticed that all of my CraigsList postings (archived and draft) had been purged (which is a real pain as I'm trying to sell a used car). Prior to that event, I have also experienced infrequent (1-2x/mo) system hangs that I have attributed to Javascript issues; forcing hard reboots. That was about a week ago, but I have enough concerns that I have limited use of the laptop to non-essential applications.

I wanted to take advantage of Panda's trusted boot scan to see if there was something more insidious lurking in the background. However, when I go to Advanced Mode and click on Activate Trusted Boot Scan, the product immediately errors out with a big red X and the message "Error During Analysis", with no other information provided. I uninstalled and re-downloaded Cloud Cleaner, with the same results. I have NOT attempted to run with McAfee turned off.

I'd characterize myself as moderately technical (long-time IT executive), but certainly long-removed from being a Windows-jockey. Thanks for any insight you can provide. I did search this board and the PandaSecurity site regarding this topic; finding two that were somewhat related but differ from my symptom.

Re: Error During Analysis for Trusted Boot Scan

Posted: Mon, 04 Dec 2017, 15:34
by Darth Panda
Start the computer in safemode with networking, and run panda Cloud Cleaner.

Re: Error During Analysis for Trusted Boot Scan

Posted: Thu, 04 Apr 2019, 11:47
by Tim_Nollan
I had the same problem

Re: Error During Analysis for Trusted Boot Scan

Posted: Wed, 10 Apr 2019, 12:27
by rawla
Panda trusted boot scan executing but the unknown processes making cpu usage high i found my softonic download files to be suspicious but nothing unusual detected.

Re: Error During Analysis for Trusted Boot Scan

Posted: Mon, 29 Apr 2019, 15:48
by Darth Panda
Softonic does not provide anything the core developers from the software you are using won´t provide.
You can use Softonic as a search engine for the programs you like, but my suggestion is to download them from the own developers webpage.

if you try to download autoruns, and check for the startup programs might help you find the intruder.

Problem with installing something through the softonid executable is you accept a license agreement and if you install will your consent, you do consent to whatever you got from the installation.
check last installation before all this went down the drain, and uninstall it.