exe files missing, impossible to reinstal panda...

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exe files missing, impossible to reinstal panda...

Post by MarylineD » Fri, 15 Sep 2017, 13:35


I'm from Belgium. Sent an email via the website to the tech support, still no answer.

I'm careful with my computer and laptop, I update Panda everyday, run a complete scan weekly and cloud cleaner at times. After the scan and cleaning what it found it sometimes asks to restart the computer and laptop.

I'm not sure my problem is because of panda cloud cleaner or not. But after restarting it said a few exe files were missing, I looked online and it's Panda files, so now it's impossible to open Panda, desinstal or reinstal.

I took screen caps of the error messages I get.
I'm totally lost and angry! I mean I pay a lot every year to keep using Panda. On this laptop it's still PandaGP2013.

Now nothing works, I have a laptop without an antivirus so it's not safe to go online!

Please someone help me! I can't uninstal or reinstall, I've tried and get error messages. I've also tried to restore to a previous date but it failed too because of Panda.

Someone please save me!

Thank you!

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Re: exe files missing, impossible to reinstal panda...

Post by CJ166 » Sun, 17 Sep 2017, 01:01

Hello, remove any trace with the generic uninstaller

http://www.pandasecurity.com/resources/ ... taller.exe

Then install the latest version of PGP

Panda Global Protection: http://www.pandasecurity.com/resources/ ... con/gp.exe
Panda Partner Colombia.

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