[CLOSED] Invalid key still recieves updates

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[CLOSED] Invalid key still recieves updates

Post by Anakin.dk » Mon, 07 Mar 2016, 22:39

Hi there,
I'm still spinning around on the matter that, one of my old keys is active on 9 computers (the license is for 5) although the key has been deactivated, it still receives updates from Panda labs. Thats not the worst part, the worst part is, since I upgraded, the invalid keys expiration date, has been extended as well.

Bottom line, one deactivated key on 9 computers is receiving updates up till march 20, 2021

I upgraded to Gold16 just recently, and thought the license would be limited to Gold16 - sadly no... Global15 and Global16 now ends on march 2021, and are still updated.

Is it possible to remove the key from Panda-Labs' update-list ??

Kind regards

Frank Pedersen

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Re: Invalid key still recieves updates

Post by VirusBuster » Thu, 10 Mar 2016, 17:32

Sorry, but licensing issues are to be managed by customer service department

Jorge Torre
TechSupport Department - Panda Security

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