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Script Errors in pop-ups (so far in ads only)

Posted: Fri, 21 Apr 2017, 11:50
by bastek571
3 days ago I've installed Panda Antivirus FREE for the first time (or Protection how it's called - oh, you know what) version 18.01.00 downloaded form your site ... antivirus/.

Everything went smooth and nice, first scan, cloud sync, etc.

However every day I receive a pop-up (which is to be expected I guess) with a script error (this is not). As a result I cannot see the message in the window.
Sometimes it's just a black window with nothing inside (and error message ofc), sometimes some strange symbols (and error message again) and sometimes it's white.

For example:

Using Windows 7 64-bit.
I'm worried that I will miss some important information because of that. What can be done about this issue?

Re: Script Errors in pop-ups (so far in ads only)

Posted: Wed, 03 May 2017, 16:55
by VirusBuster
Is the problem still present? Because last week we automatically deployed some corrections