Upgrading it broke itself

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Upgrading it broke itself

Post by andavari » Thu, 02 Aug 2018, 01:40

Panda Dome Free v18.04 upgraded itself to v18.06 and in the process it broken itself.
1. It didn't install the update in English.
2. The interface/GUI was broke, it only had two options on it.

Screenshot Proof:
http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=865751 ... deMess.jpg

I've already fixed the issue myself by upgrading properly by performing a clean install of v18.06, not exactly what I was in the mood for since I was only turning on this old WinXP computer for a few minutes to copy some files from it onto a USB stick for the new Win10 computer.

Suggestion - Why can't Panda offer a clean install route?
1. Download the new offline installer file in the background, you could put it somewhere convenient like the desktop (so the user could later delete it after successful installation).
2. Inform the user there's a new version, and if they select to upgrade automatically make a backup of the user's Panda Dome settings, i.e.; registration information, program settings, previous scan results, etc.
3. Uninstall the old version, and restart Windows.
4. Upon startup install the new version, and import the backup of the user's Panda Dome settings.

Done, and it should help avoid possible issues!

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