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Win 7 Shut Down Issues

Posted: Sat, 22 Sep 2018, 15:35
by Theo1352
Since the installation of Dome, I am having issues shutting down my PC...

I have Panda Dome 18.06 installed, and am having issues shutting down my desktop after the weekly scan, have been since V18.0x.

It just spins and spins, saying that it's shutting down, but never does, it hangs.

The event viewer points to Panda as the problem under "Error"; I uninstalled and had no issues shutting down, re-installed and have issues again.

Again, it is only after I do my weekly scan, although I have to assume it would be after any scan.

I run a weekly scan on Friday AM, the issue occurs at the end of the work day when I shut my desktop down.

I have no idea how to fix this - looked through the Panda forums, not much here that helps.

Thank you, in advance.