Service "Panda Product Service" hung up at start.

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Re: Service "Panda Product Service" hung up at start.

Post by Darth Panda » Fri, 13 Mar 2020, 13:20

I am afraid I do have to agree on what ky41083 has just said about running an old operating system. XP is a very, very old operating system, and If it si not correctly updated or lacks needed modules (due to overused, misuse or damaged on the OS) for our produc to work correctly, I am afraid the problem is on the operating system, not on us.
If you have problems finding replacements for your oldsmobile Curved Dash 1905, it is not a General Motors problem, it is just your curved dash 1905 is too old to accept replacements.

Try repairing your operating sistem, update (if you find the lacking KB anywhere on the web) the operating system, and try again.
If you still experience any issues, please contact your nearest office, and request support. Phone numbers for our support offices are on the main page for the free panda forum thread

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