panda using 25% of CPU permanently

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Re: panda using 25% of CPU permanently

Post by BoredUser007- » Sat, 15 Jul 2017, 20:16

i just ran today for the first time the Panda Cloud Cleaner "TRUSTED BOOT SCAN"

On my tower (win 7) it booted several times without finding anything (only temporary internet files)

On my laptop (win 10 - 1703 , recently formated) : PCC classic scan : nothing found but only temporary internet files ...
PCC : trusted boot scan : "error during analysis" (during setup which is phase 1 of 3)

What does that mean ?

http: // support.pandasecurity. com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=6276&sid=f199aa695c123336c4731c673f3e7b48 (topic of PCC)

Panda Antivirus Pro: http ://www .pandasecurity. com/resources/sop/consumer-icon/ap. exe (What is this link ? i dont really understand ? Is it the link of a new panda antivirus or just the Cloud Cleaner ?)

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