upgrade to Dome

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upgrade to Dome

Post by chrisgd » Sun, 08 Jul 2018, 12:01


My Panda Global Protection license expires soon and I have already bought a new one for two more years. My current version is 17.0.1.

Any way to upgrade to respectively Dome product i.e Panda dome complete?

Searching around the forum I found this post:

http://support.pandasecurity.com/forum/ ... 114&t=6630.

Can I use provided link to upgrade to dome? Link still leads to latest version of dome complete?

Also, how can I use 1-month free trial advertised in panda security website?

Thanks in advance,

Darth Panda
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Re: upgrade to Dome

Post by Darth Panda » Mon, 09 Jul 2018, 09:05


You can use this link to install the latest version of Panda Dome:



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