more events report!

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more events report!

Post by kris65 » Tue, 28 Aug 2018, 12:49

Hello everyone! new on your forum! ;)

Panda client for 13 years, I have evolved with the products as of these years but there are some jous I migrated by your services of the panda global protection version to that of panda dome.
I am not sure that the event report displays the list of detected threats with their type (virus, hoax, suspicious file, etc.), as well as their technical name. Click on the name of a threat to access a web page with detailed information about it. does not exist, what a pity! it allowed to monitor the sites visited and to know their status!
there is only how to find it
Thank you for your help :roll:
kris65 . client 160010879

Darth Panda
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Re: more events report!

Post by Darth Panda » Tue, 28 Aug 2018, 13:53

Hello, good afternoon.

Those links, are only tips about how a malware works, but it's only additional information, that does not affect to the permanent protection ratio of your antivirus protection.

In addition, the permanent protection warns you inmediatly when you are browsing an infected website or when a malicious file is trying to affect to your pc, and after blocking or erasing that file or blocking the access to an infected url, the antivirus saves that info about what it has been detecting as text in the virus report, but with information purpouse only.

The ways of how the new antivirus software detects, blocks or erase any malware is different from previous versions, and the permanent protection learn itself, for example: if the protection detects that the user is accesing to an infected site, it will notify it and save it in the antivirus report.

Best regards.
Technical support – Panda Security

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