Panda servers were down. Helpdesk was arrogant idiot

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Panda servers were down. Helpdesk was arrogant idiot

Post by BoredUser007- » Fri, 29 Nov 2019, 12:39

My pc crashed today during booting
After that, panda asked me to activate account ... i wrote login + password but nothing happened and panda was using 25% of CPU permanently.
I uninstalled panda

I tried to update panda on another computer, but updates were never coming .... I tried to login on the panda website on the computer with this issue, but it was impossible "this service is not available for the moment"
That's how i'm sure panda servers were down

So i could not download panda installer from website
I phone panda helpdesk on belgian number 033460194 ... The helpdesk was a total arrogant idiot who could not tell me is panda servers were down and who told me that my panda account was not valid anymore and that i had to buy a new one (but it's valid until september 2020)
He also told me other useless and clueless things.
I told him "stop telling me anything useless" ... he became angry and told me to contact panda by email

After i cut off the phone, panda servers were available and i could redownload and reinstall panda Dome essential
Please drill your helpdesks panda !

btw i phoned panda helpdesk at 11h00 , Belgium time

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