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Panda Dome blocks Pokerstarsinstall.BE installation

Posted: Wed, 29 Jan 2020, 20:16
by BoredUser007-

I recently re installed windows 10 1909 because i had a lot of issues (wifi crash + pc crash)
The very first time my pc crased before i format, i was on p*rnhub and shotcut was opened at the same time.
I believe that the issues i had can only come from :

Or , maybe it came from a bad installation/update from windows 1903 to 1909 ...

So now, i'm happy i have a clean computer, and i would like to play on pokerstars as i always did ...
The problem is that Panda Dome has putten the .exe file (2.1 Mo) downloader in quarantine , and i have a windows message which says that i dont have the autorisation to access this file ...

Is it normal that this file is considered as a virus ? I really need an answer please.
I will not desactivate Panda in order to install pokerstars, because the last time i did that, it was if i remember well in 2013, and pokerstars was definitely a virus !

But before and after 2013, Panda never considerer pokerstars as a virus...
Is it now again a virus ?
How can i know if and when i will can play again on pokerstars ?
Please help

Re: Panda Dome blocks Pokerstarsinstall.BE installation

Posted: Thu, 30 Jan 2020, 15:56
by Darth Panda
Hi BoredUser007,

If you want to know if the file is a virus, send it or send the link to the technical support of your country to be analyzed.


Re: Panda Dome blocks Pokerstarsinstall.BE installation

Posted: Fri, 31 Jan 2020, 16:03
by BoredUser007-
i called the panda technical support
The analyst was very kind, he cleaned 1 registry item and 2 suspect files while analysing 10% of my system

The problem is that he can not analyse the because i have to pay 6 month (+/- 250 € ) of technical help .... It is the half of the price of my pc, and i am too poor to pay that

So i guess i will have to desactivate panda in order to install PokerStarsInstallBE.exe which i download from www https

BTW , i said in my first post that i have pc crash issues since 1909 because of wifi problems ... I have the same problem now, and all i can say is that it does not come from p*rnhub nor ch*aturbate nor Aiseesoft nor Shotcut ... maybe it comes from this pokerstars.exe or maybe it comes from Ccleaner, Glary Utilities, media player classic ...

But i rather believe it comes from Microsoft because i found on microsoft forum that many people have the same wifi problems (realtek network card)
I have read that 1909 has issues with i dont know which chip of the motherboard

Anyway, my pc looks a bit faster now thanks to the softwares the panda helpdesk installed on my pc :
PC Cleaning Utility Pro

I am still worried about this pokerstars.exe which i did not install yet, but thanks anyway (panda says its clean, but when i execute it, panda puts it in quarantine)


Re: Panda Dome blocks Pokerstarsinstall.BE installation

Posted: Mon, 24 Feb 2020, 18:13
by Darth Panda
Hi BoredUser007,

If the antivirus put the file in quarantine, I suggest to uninstall the program.