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Posted: Thu, 18 Mar 2021, 20:10
by TerryT
We've been with Panda since 2009 and have no wish to change. So when I was offered a renewal today I followed the links and got a price for Panada Dome advanced for 3 years and 3 PCs of £175.99.

I thought I ought to check this was what we needed so went to Panda's website and did the comparisons. Yes this was what we needed but I thought the price looked a lot less. To check I dialled up 3 PCs and 3 years and got a price of £105.59. 40% discount. That didn't seem like a fair price to an existing customer so I called the number on the renewals page.

While I waited for 10+ minutes for a company I had never heard of to answer, I was told numerous doom and gloom facts about PC security which I took to be trying to tempt me into taking up the offer of free PC health check worth £60+. This is not the sort of marketing I expect from reputable companies.

Someone answered and offered me a 3 PCs, 3 Year price of £88.00. Very good. But the only way for me to get this price was to allow him, from a company I had never heard of, that had just spent 10+ mins trying to frighten the life out me, to access my PC and do the install.

Pardon my cynicism, but this seemed like introducing an entirely unnecessary hole in our protection. I was also very suspicious that this guy was going, at the very least, to hard up sell to me things I don't want or need.

We agreed to stop wasting each other’s time. I was left with a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. This isn't what I expect from Panda. Perhaps this is time to move on.

Re: Renewal

Posted: Tue, 23 Mar 2021, 11:48
by Darth Panda
Hi TerryT,

I have sent your comments to customer service. They will contact you to clarify it.


Re: Renewal

Posted: Fri, 30 Apr 2021, 16:31
by henry.cadmus
Hello Terry,
I had the same thing happen to me some time ago. Seemed to me that either someone at PANDA was "asleep at the wheel" or they were allowing a third party to speak ill of PANDA and sell additional services.