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Quarantine folder cannot be configured

Posted: Fri, 13 Nov 2015, 07:05
by VbNetMatrix
I'm having an issue wich prevent me from using Panda Antivirus.

I'm using a program called DeepFreeze from Faronics Technologie. Simply said, this program make a Shadow copy of your hard drive to prevent modification of file.
therefore, I cannot store any data on "C Drive" upon reboot, all modification to "C drive" are eliminated and the original state of the drive is restored (like a clone except the process doesn't require any delay)

Unfortunately, the Quarantine folder is on the "C drive" and there is no "config" to move the position of the quarantine folder
I attempted to make a MKLINK (symbolic link) to make the Quarantine folder on "D drive" but Panda Antivirus refuse to run with that modification.

I understand you might not have time to implement a Config menu that allow us to change the destination of the Quarantine folder but could you plz fix the symbolic link issue so we can install with an already created symbolic link to another drive ?
this would be much apreciated. it's the only thing that prevent me to update my Antivirus to Pro

Re: Quarantine folder cannot be configured

Posted: Wed, 18 Nov 2015, 18:23
by VirusBuster
Moved to suggestions as it is not a feature right now

Re: Quarantine folder cannot be configured

Posted: Fri, 20 Nov 2015, 16:26
by VbNetMatrix
Much Appreciated, I'll check futur update of Panda and hope in a near futur you can at least allow symbolic link (MKLink)