Suggestions to improve scheduled scans (Panda Free AV)

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Suggestions to improve scheduled scans (Panda Free AV)

Post by lagrangersf » Fri, 19 Feb 2016, 17:51

Greetings. I would like to make the following suggestions to help improve the automatic scheduled scans in Panda Free Antivirus, plus any other versions that could benefit from these improvements.

1. Visual feedback while an automatic scheduled scan is running. For example, the tray icon could be changed somehow to indicate that a scheduled scan is currently running, and/or the "Scan" widget in the main Panda window could be changed to show that a scan is in progress.

2. The ability to open a status/progress window while an automatic scheduled scan is running. Perhaps a menu item that appears when right-clicking on the tray icon that says "Show scan progress" or similar wording.

3. The ability to pause, postpone or cancel an automatic scheduled scan after it has started.

4. The ability for an automatic scheduled scan to run as soon as possible after the computer starts in case it was turned off or suspended at the time the scan was scheduled to be run.

5. The ability to automatically delay or pause a scheduled scan when installed on a portable computer (Notebook or tablet) and it is running from the battery. Basically, with this setting enabled, automatic scheduled scans will only run when the portable computer is plugged into AC power to help extend battery life.

6. When an automatic scheduled scan completes, the "Last scan" date shown in the main Panda window should be updated to reflect when the scheduled scan last ran. As it is right now, that date only reflects when a last manual scan was done, which could lead to the impression that automatic scheduled scans aren't working (Numerous past forum posts by other users accurately reflects this confusion).

It is good that Panda includes the automatic scheduled scans feature, but it definitely needs improvement. I truly believe the suggestions I made above would be greatly beneficial to Panda Antivirus.

Thank you for your consideration.

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