Firewall modes

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Firewall modes

Post by binder » Thu, 10 Mar 2016, 22:09

It will be great, if you make modes for firewall.

How I see that:
User might case one of firewall modes:
- "deny all". Deny all connections;
- "deny all, except marked as allowed". Deny all connections, which not marked as allowed;
- "ask me". Don't create firewall rule automaticly. Ask user, what do with this process (allow or deny). Only after user answer firewall rule must be created;
- "automaticly mode" - create firewall rule automaticly, repose on Panda base;
- "allow all, except marked as denied". Allow all connections, which not marked as denied;
- "allow all". Allow all connections.

As default mode, I propose, made "ask me"-mode.

If you do, it will be great.

Thank you :)

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