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suggestions for improvement

Posted: Sun, 10 Apr 2016, 13:29
by gmolden2
Panda is to be regarded as a good AV-program, from my point of view. I use and test occasionally different AV-programs to test them, but I come back to PAV regularely.

So, I realize that programs are passing Panda`s firewall without any barrier!!!
How did I notice it?

- AnyDVD has made contact to its "home" and has alternated its function and stopped a certain function

- TodoBackup from Easeus, a Chinese program (all Chinese-stuff is generally to be classified as suspicious) is building also a TCP-connection home. May be it is justified, to inform about updates and services etc.....but I like to be master of these behaviours.

If Panda wanted to be a superiour AV-programmer, it should have the option to switch to e.g. to FULL-TRAFFIC CONTROL, where all traffic is to be confirmed by a user. I had a correspondance with Panda-Service about this topic, and they replied that it has removed this option, due to customer convenience. :-)

I agree, but leave an option for experienced users to decide themselfes whether they want a "full talking PC" or whether his/her PC should be protected from unwanted outgoing traffic. I am writing this, because WIN10 is a bitch in terms of data privacy. Cortina is said to work constantly in the background and is posting recordings from the PS`s microphone. A SCANDAL!!!!