Mobile security or anti theft

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Mobile security or anti theft

Post by cmkubert » Tue, 14 Mar 2017, 13:39

Is the IOS app a Mobile security? Why is the pc link labeled anti theft? Is this only for anti-theft? How do I use it? Is there a document or instruction manual to guide me as to what to do? I have logged on in the app and on my pc - I can see a map on my computer screen that shows me where my device is located. Underneath the map is this:
"Device Action
If your device is lost or stolen, take one of the following actions to keep your data safe:"

What actions? There are no actions listed. Is it security or theft protection? Some kind of documentation would sure help.

In the app when I click on the button "Panda Support Forum" the page that opens up safari is in Spanish And the TOS in my app is all Spanish as well. I wish I could speak & read 2 languages but I only do English. There is a problem with the app.

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Re: Mobile security or anti theft

Post by VirusBuster » Tue, 14 Mar 2017, 16:32

The application for IOS is only an antitheft protection: ... 80143?mt=8
Once you have associated it to your Panda Account you can track it on the My Devices section

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