AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9

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AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9

Post by LeeBaron » Tue, 09 Apr 2019, 13:30


OS: W10 1809
Panda Free 18.06.01

I uninstalled Panda free, and after that I could not start any office programms. It mady my Office 2010 to recocnize a Hardware change.

I installed my backup image of my HD and evey thing was working again.
Then I found it was the AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9 that was uninstalled when uninstalling Panda
So I verified it by marking AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9 as deactivated. Again Office lost its registration

How can a not present virtutal Network Adapter cause a 'Hardware Change' ?

How can I uninstall Panda but keep AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9?

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