Warning: Panda my damage licence integrity

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Warning: Panda my damage licence integrity

Post by LeeBaron » Thu, 11 Apr 2019, 22:03


After my message with subject AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9 did not get a replic, I have to reword my message

Mid January I had to setup a PC with W10. After installation of oft the OS, I installed Panda Free 18.06.01.

After that I installed MS Office 2010. Everything was working well. Last week I uninstalled Panda for another Product.

I checkt my mail and Outlook reportetd
"von Microsoft Office Professinal Plus 2010 wurde Änderungen an der Hardware Ihres Computers erkannt"
which means Office detected a Hardware change
"You need to aktivate Microsft Office Professinal Plus 2010. "
This happens to all Office Products.

I had to restore my PC with an backup image.

I know, I can reactivate Office by Phone. But since it happens with a Panda installed virtual NIC I expected some answerse here.

Since nobody cares from Panda or offers a way to uninstall Panda but leave AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9 installed I feel it is justified to issue a warning her. And yes, it is reproducable. Read my Original Message


Original Message AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9
Post by LeeBaron » Tue, 09 Apr 2019, 13:30

OS: W10 1809
Panda Free 18.06.01

I uninstalled Panda free, and after that I could not start any office programms. It mady my Office 2010 to recocnize a Hardware change.

I installed my backup image of my HD and evey thing was working again.
Then I found it was the AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9 that was uninstalled when uninstalling Panda
So I verified it by marking AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9 as deactivated. Again Office lost its registration

How can a not present virtutal Network Adapter cause a 'Hardware Change' ?

How can I uninstall Panda but keep AnchorFree Tap-Windows-Adapter V9?

Darth Panda
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Re: Warning: Panda my damage licence integrity

Post by Darth Panda » Tue, 30 Apr 2019, 16:24

Well as far as i know, installing or uninstalling a software from a computer, should not change your license settings with microsoft.
You should contact them and request info on why, when uninstalling a software from your computer, Microsoft does not recognises your license anymore. Why Does windows Installer delete your licensing records with microsoft when deleting our product?

I might imagine that as you did the activation through the panda VPN, using a high secure channel and sending encrypted information, using another servers on the cloud and not directly from your computer, Now microsoft might not understand when you are trying to validate your license on opening the office products. But the problem then is not from panda, again. Is from microsoft as it does not understand license verification when network does change.

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